About Us


You can contact us through the following email adress: africawildlifes.com@gmail.com


You might love the wildlife, place to enjoy your holidays, eager to climb or hike an ancient volcano mountain like Kilimanjaro,trekking mountains like Usambara mountains or you may want to experience your safari trails to the plain of Serengeti, to see yourself the real Ngorongoro Crater! or differnt african cultures with its aspect and practices

here is all we can do for you our aim and target is to make sure you got the real experience of African wildlife especially the East African wildlife and Hospitality as well as adventure like SERENGETI ECOSYSTEM( The great migration of wildebeest and Zebra

Sometimes it can sound crazy but if you got an experience of wildlife of east Africa and you enjoyed it to us its a big pleasure, because having adventures everyday is what makes all of us alive because the joy of life is having vacations,adventures enjoying our holidays while the nature talking to us

if you would like to experiences with us please contact us any time we are ready for you



As african wildilife stakeholders through local knowledge of wildelife we can provide you full information about:

  • Different tourism attraction found in Africa and east East Africa this can include cultural practices and activities (sharing ideas with local community) different wildlife destination, beach holidays, marine tourism, archaeological sites, historical sites, climbing and trekking.
  • Recommendation of things to do and see yes what to see and what to do is our most important information will want you to understand in order you can be well prepared and rel excited about exploring this with a lot of wildlife wealth so! you are welcome
  • Tips with full information this would make you to stay longer with us karibu Africa hakuna matata
  • Transfers: we’ll get you to and from the airport in our own vehicles driven stylishly but sensibly by our drivers
  • A wide range of all-inclusive fully-guided tours, including clibing Kilimanjaro, safari in the Serengeti and Ngorongoro Crater and beaches and culture in Zanzibar. with different local tours such as coffee tour, Masai Boma tours etc.